Moldova electricity supplies hit by cut in Russian gas



CHISINAU: A 40% cut in deliveries of Russian natural gas is hitting Moldova‘s ability to provide sufficient electricity for its 2.5 million people, the deputy prime minister of the small ex-Soviet state said on Monday.
Andrei Spinu, in charge of negotiating with Moscow, said Russian gas giant Gazprom had promised to supply only 5.7 million cubic metres of gas per day – well short of the 11.5 million needed to ensure enough power.
The shortfall, he said in a statement, made it impossible for state power company Energocom to sign a November contract with a thermal plant that produces electricity in the small state wedged between Ukraine and Romania.
Moldova, led by a pro-Western government that has denounced the invasion of Ukraine, is reliant on Russian gas and has been hit hard by a surge in prices since the war began.
One of Europe’s poorest countries, Moldova has a contract with Gazprom that fluctuates from month to month based on the spot market price of gas and oil.
Spinu said earlier this month that Gazprom was not a “serious partner”.
Moldova’s power production capacity is able to provide only about 30% of the country’s needs.
It buys some of the rest from Ukraine, which has stopped all power exports in light of the attacks by Russian forces on its energy production sites.
Spinu said Energocom had bought 27 million cubic metres of gas, along with a further 127 million cubic metres to be stored in reserves in Ukraine for use in the winter.


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